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  • Dragonfly
      A quick timelapse of a dragonfly rebirth. From this morning’s photo shoot .  
  • Morning mists
    Rivers of mist creep across the landscape, hiding and revealing shy scenes. They paint new images of the place and even though everything has been seen, photographed, photographed, photographed, photographed,
  • Fire on Potoška
    The fire, which raged for three days on Potoska Gora, was tackled by 1100 firefighters from 160 firefighting units from Gorenjska and elsewhere. Helicopter pilots from the Slovenian Armed Forces

About me

Hi.  I’m Iztok and I am a chronic puzzle-seeker and a lifelong learner.

Nemophilist – a hunter of the woods, one who loves the forest, its beauty and solitude.
The word derives from the Greek ‘nemos,’ grove, and ‘philos,’ affection. The use of the word appears to distinguish it from the more formal pursuit of ‘forestry’, ‘arboriculture’ or ‘botany’ – suggesting a more artistic appreciation of trees, or the simple delight provided by woodlands.
But who cares I like the word.
I’m more of a dog person.
I cook.  I take photographs.  I Aikido. I drink beer 

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