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Baby details

February 8, 2012

This weekend started mascarade in Slovenia. We are living in a quiet small suburban village close to the main city with a quite small population of residents (like 300). I was bit surprised that there were like 30 mask’s around during the day.Last year it was hard to see any of them in our small Frog-village.
So I decided to photograph some of the mask’s that came around. I did manage to build some kind of improvised studio outside to photograph them as they were around pretty much the whole day. Wit some harsh light conditions and some strong wind effects ☺ I did manage some have to photograph all the masks. I think it’s not that bad after all. We had pirates, princess, worker, animals, and cowboys…

River Town LJ

February 19, 2011

pa še štiklc za zraven:)


May 24, 2010

Nace je en tak super heroj, on je en tak mali borec, ki se ne da kar tako.

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