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March 29, 2005

One more weekend has past in our lives and with that also the time of Easter holiday. And again we must pull this capitalist wagon, which is rush with the speed of light into God knows where.
Only the instrument will always sound the same no matter how fast we must pull the wagon.

Riding bikes on Kras

March 25, 2005

This weekend I and my girlfriend Mateja were riding bikes on Kras. Weather was absolutely great not too sunny and not cloudy. The roads lead us thru the beautiful stone villages and pine forests, beside the Italian border. In approximately 4 hours we manage to ride the distance of 60 km. By the road you can see the most beautiful stone houses. Faces of the local people are hard and whipped with strong wind which is common down there. You can observe them by the working in vineyards, or you can maybe visit a lonely church on the hill, you can give up your researching spirit.
Ps: we get 5L of local vine called Teran….you can only guess how good it was…its nothing left.

Ice climbing cup 04/05

March 15, 2005

Photoreport from ice climbing cup 04/05 Mlačca

Always on duty

March 14, 2005

Photo taken sometime in the middle of winter 2005…when it was real cold outside like somewhere on North Pole. Even the tripod was shaking. I had to put pants on his legs….it was so cold.

Fritchi Diamir

March 12, 2005

Rezultat petkovega popoldanskega smuka. No tole mi je uspel narediti že na samem dostopu pod Povnovo dolino oz. na plaz pod le to. Pol si si pa kup Diamirja

Result of Friday afternoon tour skiing. Never buy fritchi diamir

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