Archive for May, 2005


May 24, 2005

It was a windy day. And just before the rain starts to fall.

Sea gull

May 17, 2005

…Im not afraid…..


May 9, 2005

Mountain ridge named Košuta. It’s lying right between Austria and Slovenia. On the left side is Austria on the right side is Slovenia. Altitude is somewhere between 1800m and 2100m above the see.


May 5, 2005

Our highest mountain named Triglav symbol of Slovenian nation. This picture was taken from the Mt. Dobrca 1800+few meters more. Which is located in the middle of the gorenjska valley from up there you can se beautiful places like lake Bled, Mt.Triglav, almost all group of Kamniško Savinjske Alps.
Ps: congratulations for the ice hockey win you were just lucky.

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