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In some God forgotten country like Slovenia we will never heard this song on our radio stations. Radio stations in our country sucks. Trust me.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

July 19, 2007

I want and I need to go back someday.
More facts about that beach.

Akaba Jordan

July 16, 2007

Smiling ladies…

Soon I will show you a gallery from Jordan in Middle East, working on it. I have been there two years ago. But somehow I completely have forgotten on that beautiful country whit two kinds of people lying ones and honest ones. I miss moments when we were sitting late night in the bar across the road drinking tee with mint and smoking “argila-s” water pipes whit the taste off apple.

As I have promised before: LINK TO GALLERY

For seeing what has happened simply click here.

Für das Sehen was geschehen ist, klicken Sie einfach hier.

Za ogled tistega kar se je zgodilo kliknite tukaj.

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