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Macro Sunday photo session

Another one of those too short nights. The alarm went off again at 5:30 and a few moments later, following the usual morning bathroom ritual, I was throwing the necessary equipment into my bag with my eyes still partially closed from the too short night. Later on location I noticed that I had forgotten the spare flash batteries in my haste and would have to rely on the old flash batteries, I could only hope they would last at least a few shots.
A little after 6 o’clock in the morning, I go to a location not far outside Kranj, where I met with an experienced and seasoned photographer colleague, Uroš aka. Dragonfly master at a popular insect photography location. The conditions should basically be pretty good for looking for small insects, only the morning cold was a bit of a distraction. But unfortunately, both the welcome morning refreshment of the previous hot days and the rainy evening of the previous day also hid the vast majority of insects and dragonflies. However, with a bit of luck, I still managed to get what I thought were decent photos.
The batteries in the flash really only lasted for a couple of shots, but then I had to improvise using ambient light and using bounce light. so I couldn’t really help myself with the additional homemade “gellato diffusers” on the flash.
Even the lord of the dragonflies behaved appropriately this time.


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